Farm Security

Farm Security

Farm security is essential for farmers in Rural Kerry.

To best protect your farm, its visitors or your equipment put in  a system where visitors have to sign in and account for time spent on the farm. This is the case in many business premises, and allows for accountability and traceability.

Consider requiring contractors to sign a service level agreement that will define the service expected and define the service provided and how any data will be used.

Insisting on Garda vetting clearance from all contractors or employees may be useful and would add an extra element of security. Garda vetting is not foolproof – people who are not trustworthy may have a clear record and even references to support their character.

Keep records of anybody who has keys, pass codes or other sensitive information. These codes or information should be changed throughout the year and visitors should have to ask for updates.

When you’re setting pass codes or security settings, use the false truths feature, for example use a date of birth that is not the true date.

Home and Farm Security
Keep all doors and windows locked securely, even if you are indoors.
Never store keys near windows or letterboxes.
Instead of leaving a spare key outside where it could be found, e.g. under a plant pot, consider leaving it with a trusted neighbour.
Make sure your house can be seen from the street. Cut back any trees, bushes etc. That block the view.
Think about how you would get in your house (If you lost your keys for example). Walk
around your house and think about how would be easiest for you to get in.
Don’t leave ladders available where burglars could use them to get in to your house.
Use your alarm system, even when you are at home.
Make sure everyone in the house knows how to use the alarm. Check it and keep it maintained.
Check your alarm is set correctly whenever you leave the house and before you go to bed.
Use a timer device or other app or to turn lights on and off when you out of the house to make it look like people are in.
Consider marking your valuable items with a U.V pen, take pictures of jewellery.
Make a note of your valuables, try not to keep large amounts of cash at home.
Don’t share holiday or photos on Facebook or other social media until after you come home. It could invalidate your insurance. Check with your provider if in doubt.
Check outside & security lighting is working correctly, get any bulbs changed if needed.